The 3 Pillars of Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Development

Posted Friday, July 15, 2022 by Romar Admin
The 3 Pillars of Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Development - Romar Learning Solutions

Medical science liaisons (MSLs) play a critical role within healthcare, providing valuable therapeutic information and data and acting as a technical resource to healthcare providers. They ensure that patients get the best possible treatment. There are three primary foundational skills an MSL should possess to maintain healthy customer relationships. Romar Learning Solutions breaks down these three skills:


Consultative Skills

MSLs serve as a technical resource for a variety of healthcare providers and medical professionals. With so many advancements in medical technology—and the growing desire to provide the best patient care—MSLs must possess consultative skills. With a wealth of knowledge and data, MSLs bridge the gap between healthcare providers and research. When partnering with healthcare providers, MSLs must be able to effectively communicate in-depth product information and research findings so healthcare providers can offer their patients the best treatment.


Moderation Skills

Many professionals within the life sciences industry rely on the expertise of MSLs. Therefore, it’s common for MSLs to hold and moderate advisory boards. With a variety of opinions, discussions can easily be derailed. MSLs must know how to present information with clear objectives and facilitate engaging discussion while remaining on topic. Moderation skills are a key element of presentation skills that will allow MSLs to provide the most value to their audiences. 


Influencing Skills

Though MSLs differ from pharmaceutical sales representatives, they must still possess influencing skills. While it’s not their job to influence sales, an MSL may be required to encourage behavior change. With new research and advancements, MSLs are often tasked with convincing providers to accept the validity of new data. Similar to how healthcare providers persuade patients to trust their judgment or expertise, MSLs must do the same with healthcare providers they support. They may accomplish this through active listening, asking good questions, and sharing supporting data.


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