What Are Results-Oriented Coaching Skills?

Posted Tuesday, June 21, 2022 by Romar Admin
What Are Results-Oriented Coaching Skills? - Romar Learning Solutions

There’s always room for improvement—even for good and high performers. Coaching helps employees develop their knowledge, skills, and behaviors to reach their full potential. Backed by research, Results-Oriented Coaching Skills (ROCS) allows leaders to set high yet achievable goals.



Effective leadership and internal coaching is key to developing a team that drives results, and it all begins with mindset. A leader's mindset around development and productivity can impact the team they lead.

Many leaders approach development with the mindset that weaknesses must be eliminated. ROCS guides leaders in focusing less on the team’s weaknesses and more on developing each individual’s strengths. It’s more effective to leverage your team’s strengths than to target their weaknesses!



Effective communication is foundational in any team dynamic. To perform as one well-oiled machine, a team and its leaders must be on the same page. 

ROCS teaches leaders how to communicate and align with their team members on expectations. Furthermore, ROCS will equip leaders with the skills necessary to motivate their teams to reach and exceed expectations.


Constructive Feedback

Feedback is a major aspect of development, but not all leaders know how to present feedback in a way that is constructive and beneficial. Team members can’t improve their performance without positive and constructive feedback.

Feedback should be helpful, not discouraging. ROCS teaches leaders how to best deliver and document evidence-based feedback in a way that motivates team members and supports them in reaching their performance expectations.



Learning new skills is pointless if you don’t know how to implement them. A development-oriented mindset, effective communication, and strong positive and constructive feedback are helpful only if properly integrated.

With ROCS, leaders will learn how to leverage technology to apply the skills they’ve learned with team members in a virtual setting. ROCS allows leaders to participate in simulated role-play scenarios to learn how to effectively integrate these new concepts.


Romar Learning Solutions stands by ROCS and its proven approach to development. Through a series of four interactive modules, leaders will learn how to develop and leverage their team’s strengths, communicate expectations, deliver positive and constructive feedback, and implement their new skills to drive results. Interested in learning more? Contact us today!