Management and Leadership Skills Development

Manager and employees working together

At Romar, we believe passionately that developing a manager’s ability to execute foundational management skills and behaviors flawlessly is the key to long-term success.

Since 1986, we have been developing managers’ ability to hire, develop, and lead people, with more than 15,000 satisfied clients. We do more than just train managers, though. We build relationships with our clients and partner with them to:

  • Understand their unique business objectives
  • Determine strengths and help managers cultivate them to an even higher level of performance
  • Mitigate or overcome a manager’s areas for improvement
  • Formulate a plan for building and maintaining strong management teams
  • Implement measurable training solutions that drive results

Whether the need is one training program or an integrated curriculum, we help our clients build management teams that lead their companies to the next level of success.

Training Solutions for Managers and Leaders
  • Achieving Performance Excellence

    A company's success depends largely on the talent of its employees; however, many companies do not have a solid, consistent process for managing talent and helping employees achieve their full potential. The most astute companies recognize the relationship between implementing sound performance excellence practices and maintaining high-performing employees. Achieving performance excellence involves a cyclical process focusing on the direct report's knowledge, skills, and behaviors as related to standards of performance crucial to roles and responsibilities, setting clear expectations for the direct report, and developing the direct report to meet or exceed those expectations. This solution provides participants with skills and tools not only to manage more effectively, but most important, to help them help their direct reports reach their full potential.

  • Agility Leadership

    There is an adage that the only thing that is certain is change. In today’s fast-moving, ever-changing complex marketplace, change is a certainty. Add to that a worldwide pandemic, and it becomes even more complex. Teams look to their leaders not only to help navigate this complexity but also to define a vision of success. That’s where agility leadership comes into play. In recent years, the concepts of not only leading through change but even using it as a strategic tool to ensure defining the outcome of that change have emerged. This solution will provide managers with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to quickly seize opportunities and overcome challenges through effective learning, communication, and leading the team through change.

  • Aligning on Expectations Remotely

    This solution provides a tool for communicating and aligning on expectations of performance and work while working remotely. Alignment and communicating expectations are even more important in a time of crisis. This webinar provides managers with development for communicating and aligning on expectations remotely with their sales teams.

  • Assessment Center

    The assessment center identifies candidates and prepares them for the program using four criteria-selection profile, manager recommendation, application, and interview. After acceptance, candidates attend an intensive, interactive session in which they respond to various realistic activities and scenarios to immerse them in the management role in which they are interested. Observers provide a final report detailing candidates' performance in the program and readiness level for the new position or role.

  • Building High-Performing Teams

    Research shows that teams are much more effective than individuals at accomplishing important tasks. The challenge is bringing individuals together in such a way that they function as a high-performing team. A team approach is becoming the norm, and individuals working in isolation are the exception. This workshop develops learners' ability to create and lead a team to function at a high level to meet a desired objective and to establish a team mission and implement processes that help the team drive results. This solution employs research that outlines what defines a high-performing team and how that team can coordinate under an effective leader to achieve extraordinary results.

  • Business Acumen and Planning

    Managers need good business acumen skills to provide consistency to the business planning process. This solution develops managers' ability to understand their business, develop effective strategies and tactics for leveraging resources, and manage the execution of plans. This solution also provides a tool for the managers' supervisors to effectively monitor and coach plan implementation and effectiveness.

  • Coaching Coaches

    Coaching is one of the most effective and profitable management responsibilities. Effective leaders understand the importance of coaching and that effective coaching practices begin with them. Consistently effective coaches maintain a coaching point of view, which they pass to their managers. They believe in their ability to set specific performance expectations and to teach individual managers the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to achieve those expectations through others. They profess these expectations to themselves, their team, individual team members, and appropriate third parties outside the team. They are patient and persistent in communicating and teaching their expectations in words, actions, and thoughts until the expectations are achieved. Effective leaders model the behavior they expect of others. This solution provides the tools and skills necessary to ensure that senior managers or directors develop their direct report managers to their full potential.

  • Coaching for Launch Excellence

    Coaching for Launch Excellence is an interactive workshop developed around the idea that coaching during a new product, product indication, or marketing initiative, while based on good coaching fundamentals, should feel a little different than standard coaching. It should communicate a sense of urgency and importance. The coaching before, during, and after the launch is critical to establishing the momentum of the launch. Coaching for Launch Excellence combines coaching and executional excellence to develop a sales team through these three critical phases of introducing a new product, product indication, or marketing initiative. The key to all three phases is the proper application of coaching and a disciplined approach to excellent execution.

  • Coaching from a Distance

    This solution enables managers to provide good coaching from a distance on key expectations. Coaching still needs to happen even if field rides are not occurring. This webinar focuses on coaching from a distance on the skills and knowledge sales representatives can work on to improve their performance so when that they can contact their customers remotely, they will be at their best. This session will incorporate the company’s field coaching report.

  • Developing Your Sales Team Virtually

    This solution creates developmental plans for sales representatives to execute while working remotely. When work slows down, the time is perfect for sales teams to improve their skills and knowledge. This webinar will develop managers’ ability to create good development plans for the sales team and follow up on them.

  • Elemental Stewardship

    Leadership at all levels of the organization is a key success factor for high­ performing organizations. Elemental Stewardship leverages compelling findings from several researchers in the field of leadership. This solution provides managers with the knowledge necessary to lead and inspire their teams to achieve results.

  • Leading Through Change

    Change is inevitable. From mergers and acquisitions to restructuring and downsizing, change causes uncertainty and anxiety for colleagues in terms of security, roles, responsibilities, and task management. An effective leader can lead team members through change and help them stay focused on achieving high performance levels. This solution offers managers practical knowledge and tools for helping colleagues at all levels navigate through these changes.

  • Legal Issues in Employment

    Discrimination in the hiring process based on legally protected classifications is a violation of a candidate's legally protected rights. There are several laws relative to discrimination in the selection and hiring process, and most companies have policies in place to address expectations of supervisors and managers related to these laws. This solution will help managers avoid making statements or taking actions during the interviewing and hiring process that others may view as discriminatory or leading to discrimination.

  • Managing from a Distance

    This solution provides managers with the foundational concepts of managing remotely such as routine and frequent communications, establishing goals and plans during a crisis, and the importance of motivation in challenging times. The session incorporates Daniel Pink’s work on motivation along with effective communication plans and processes that incorporate technology.

  • New Manager Orientation

    New managers need an understanding of key company systems and processes that are critical for success as a manager. This solution introduces organizational management as well as how to establish a respectful work environment and protect the company.

  • Partnership for Productive Coaching

    Just because a manager delivers a coaching message—whether positive or constructive—does not mean the direct report can accurately understand the meaning of what the manager is saying and can turn that coaching message into action. For coaching to be effective, there must be a balance of discussion between the coach and the direct report. For that to happen, the direct report must be comfortable with the conversation's pace, content, and style. Partnership for Productive Coaching (PPC) provides a method and tools for assuring that managers communicate effectively with direct reports, setting clear expectations for performance and coaching sessions.

  • Providing and Documenting Behavior-Based Feedback

    One of a manager's primary responsibilities is to ensure that direct reports reach their maximum potential. At some point, a manager must proactively challenge a direct report to a higher performance level. If the manager addresses the direct report properly, these challenges can become a productive learning experience that leads to an increase in productive behaviors by the individual and the team. This solution develops a manager's skills to challenge direct reports through positive and constructive feedback and to document that feedback, which creates a record of the development process and leads to sustaining improvement.

  • Recruiting, Selection, and Hiring

    One of the most important decisions a manager makes is hiring a team member. The new hire needs to fit the organization from a cultural perspective and needs to be a high performer from the start. The investment an organization makes in time, resources, and budget is significant, so managers need to be highly trained to ensure a significant return on this investment in the form of hiring top performers. This decision is costly not only from a training and an onboarding perspective, but it also affects long-term company success. This solution provides managers with the tools necessary for making effective hiring decisions.

  • Results-Oriented Coaching Skills (ROCS)

    Effective coaching improves a manager’s ability to help people reach their full potential and achieve business results. Using Results-Oriented Coaching Skills (ROCS) involves setting high yet achievable expectations and developing people through proven, productive coaching behaviors. The ROCS program incorporates the latest coaching research and new technology capabilities to apply principles of good coaching in virtual and in-person work environments. The program includes 4 modules and is available for in-person on online delivery, or fully customized for your business setting. We also offer an open-enrollment ROCS course.

  • Role of the Leader

    Being promoted to a leadership position for the first time can be intimidating. This solution addresses a new or prospective leader's challenges by focusing on the keys to becoming a great leader. This solution also emphasizes the concepts and skills necessary to facilitate productive communication with direct reports and colleagues. Learners learn and apply the skills and tools essential to individualizing verbal and written communication to each person's communication style.

  • The Decisive Manager

    Managers face a variety of problems and challenges. Even the best-laid plans can present unforeseen issues or problems. These issues can affect outcomes negatively or even affect a team's confidence in its leader or the organization overall if the manager does not address them properly and early. The ability to identify and prioritize these problems and challenges and to make appropriate decisions is important to leading teams successfully to productivity and achievement. This solution provides managers with a model and the tools necessary to implement a problem resolution model to identify and resolve problems and challenges, as well as to improve both strategic and tactical decision-making.