Training Consulting

Training consultant consulting with executive

In addition to training solutions, Romar offers a variety of consulting services to fill any gaps our clients may have in areas that complement training and development. Whether you need a department-wide 360-degree analysis of skills and capabilities or one-on-one coaching for executives and senior managers, we can help through customized consulting.

If you don't see your exact requirements here, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your business and training consulting needs.


We can provide a variety of assessments, including 360-degree assessments, return-on-investment analyses, and customized organization-specific assessments. Based on your specific needs, we can meet with key stakeholders, develop assessment tools to gather relevant data, analyze the data, and provide results in a format that is easy to interpret and which meets your communication needs.

Gap Analysis

A clear and compelling gap analysis can be an invaluable tool in making the case for a training solution and providing a roadmap for implementation. Romar frequently partners with organizations to identify training gaps and recommend steps to remediate. We meet with key stakeholders to determine the specific business need and develop an efficient and effective method for gathering information. We analyze the information and present gaps in a way that is easy to understand, easy share with upper management, and easy to translate into implementation plans. We can also provide proposals for any training solutions needed to address the gaps identified.

Executive Coaching

The higher executives move in companies, the less development they get. It's unfortunate but true. Romar can help fill the gap with personalized one-on-one executive coaching. We use a comprehensive approach in which we first meet with the executive’s leader to determine specific coaching needs. We develop a clear understanding of the needs and surrounding issues, sometimes meeting with the executive’s direct reports or other key stakeholders in the process. Our goal is to set meaningful coaching objectives for executives that will help them significantly increase their performance, and create a coaching plan for implementation and follow-up. We even follow up with leadership afterward to provide post-coaching feedback.

Custom Training and Presentation Materials

All companies want their customers to feel that they are getting value for the money they invest. Providing poorly edited (or unedited) documentation with sloppy formatting reflects badly on a company. It can be the difference between winning or losing a proposal, developing a partnership, or communicating your message. If the documentation pertains to something that could potentially be detrimental to the reader—such as medical information or instructions—clear, concise information is crucial. Our layout and editing services make companies look as good as possible by bringing clarity and adding professional finish to their work to make it a cut above the rest. We provide a variety of services, including:

  • Formatting text into company-specific layouts
  • Correcting the layout of previously formatted documentation
  • Creating new layouts and formatting documentation using new branding guidelines
  • Editing for grammar, syntax, clarity, conciseness, and consistency