Virtual Training

Woman with a laptop participating in a virtual meeting

For companies contemplating the shift from in-person workshops and classroom training to virtual learning, the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent travel and work restrictions have provided the necessary push to embrace change.

While the principles of adult learning remain the same in a virtual setting, the environment requires a different set of best practices for delivering, assessing, and reinforcing learning. If you or your department have been charged with developing virtual learning programs—or with transitioning in-person workshops or classroom training into virtual resources—Romar Learning Solutions has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the process.

All our training solutions can be adapted for effective virtual delivery. In addition, we have training solutions that specifically address the challenges of the remote/virtual workplace, such as

  • Planning and Developing Virtual Training
  • Virtual Presentation Skills
  • Managing from a Distance
  • Aligning on Expectations Remotely
  • Developing Direct Reports Remotely
  • Coaching from a Distance
  • Electronic Detailing and Other Virtual Sales Techniques