Who We Are

Romar Learning Solutions provides training and staff development solutions for companies all across the globe, especially in the pharmaceutical, biomedical, and life sciences industries. For more than 30 years, we have designed and delivered management, leadership, and relationship development solutions that broaden skills, enhance productivity, and foster business growth. We give leaders a solid grounding in the fundamentals of management, team development, and adult learning principles, so that they can achieve their full potential and help their teams do the same.

What We Do

At Romar Learning Solutions, we focus on the instilling the fundamentals of leadership, management, selling, training, and facilitation. We take a consultative approach with our clients, partnering with them to understand their business objectives and formulate a performance strategy with measurable return on investment. Our innovative training solutions are rooted in research about effective adult learning principles. Romar's longevity and consultative approach have earned us a strong reputation as a leading global provider of high-quality training courses and materials.

Adult Learning

The design of all our solutions is based on proven adult learning principles, which account for the way adults learn most effectively. This reduces the time learners need to become more effective in their positions.

Curriculum Design

We pride ourselves on creating effective, research-based, learner-centric content that helps learners be more effective in their jobs.

Customer Service

We provide unparalleled customer service. We differentiate ourselves in the market by ensuring our clients are happy not only with the product, but also with the services and support we provide.

Training Solutions

Romar Learning Solutions's training solutions are built on sound adult learning principles proven to drive better performance. We emphasize the fundamentals of leadership, management, selling, training, and facilitation. Our broad catalog of topics allows us to deliver high-quality training that exactly meets our clients' development, scheduling, and budget requirements.

  • Achieving Performance Excellence

    A company's success depends largely on the talent of its employees; however, many companies do not have a solid, consistent process for managing talent and helping employees achieve their full potential. The most astute companies recognize the relationship between implementing sound performance excellence practices and maintaining high-performing employees. Achieving performance excellence involves a cyclical process focusing on the direct report's knowledge, skills, and behaviors as related to standards of performance crucial to roles and responsibilities, setting clear expectations for the direct report, and developing the direct report to meet or exceed those expectations. This solution provides participants with skills and tools not only to manage more effectively, but most important, to help them help their direct reports reach their full potential.

  • Coaching for Launch Excellence

    Coaching for Launch Excellence is an interactive workshop developed around the idea that coaching during a new product, product indication, or marketing initiative, while based on good coaching fundamentals, should feel a little different than standard coaching. It should communicate a sense of urgency and importance. The coaching before, during, and after the launch is critical to establishing the momentum of the launch. Coaching for Launch Excellence combines coaching and executional excellence to develop a sales team through these three critical phases of introducing a new product, product indication, or marketing initiative. The key to all three phases is the proper application of coaching and a disciplined approach to excellent execution.

  • Call Planning

    There are two types of call planning—pre-call planning and post-call analysis. The sales call should be a continuum linked to the outcome and post-call analysis of the previous sales call. The planned sales call should include a process for customer dialogue that includes a call objective, an opening, preestablished questions to stimulate the customer’s interest, and business-related dialogue that gains a commitment by both parties for next actions. Moreover, the sales professional will need to select resources that substantiate his or her message and are visual to the customer for better learning and recall. The pre-call plan/post-call analysis should address how the sales professional plans to address a customer’s need. To do this, the sales professional needs to plan specific questions he or she will use during the creating dialogue phase of selling while handling objections to move the sale forward.

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