Results-Oriented Coaching Skills (ROCS)


Romar Learning Solutions’ Results-Oriented Coaching Skills (ROCS) program is a proven approach to developing people. ROCS provides managers with a simple, effective approach to helping team members reach their full potential.

ROCS focuses on applying the fundamental principles of good coaching in a virtual or an in-person environment. Romar Learning Solutions will implement ROCS through a series of four interactive modules that will develop a manager’s knowledge, skills, and behaviors to coach team members. The content of ROCS is based on the latest coaching research and leverages technology to deliver coaching.

The ROCS program includes four modules, including a final coaching scrimmage that gives managers a chance to test themselves in realistic role-playing scenarios.

Webinar Description
1. Coaching Mindset This session will introduce the ROCS coaching mantra as a foundational coaching model. It will explore coaching by discussing the mindset that leads to development that drives results—coaching to strengths and ensuring development is a key focus.
2. Coaching Mantra Expectations are crucial to achieving results, development, and even hiring. This session will explore the importance of managers communicating and aligning with their teams on expectations, including virtually. It also will address how to develop knowledge, skills, and behaviors to achieve expectations and explore how to cultivate team members’ motivation to accomplish the development necessary to achieve expectations.
3. Evidence-Based Feedback and Coaching Process The way managers give feedback is just as important as the feedback itself. This session will examine how to approach, deliver, and document good evidence-based feedback that helps team members reach their full potential. In addition, it will provide a sustainable coaching process that ensures managers’ coaching is a true developmental process that leads to accomplishing a clear coaching objective.
4. Distance Coaching and Scrimmage The session will explore how managers can leverage technology to apply the ROCS coaching skills and techniques from a distance by virtually engaging with team members to establish coaching objectives, provide feedback, and adjust their action plans. The managers will then integrate what they have learned into two rounds of role-plays during which they apply the concepts to a realistic case-study scenario.

Like all of our training solutions, the ROCS program is available for purchase as an off-the-shelf training offering delivered in-person or online, or fully customized to meet the specific needs of your business setting. In addition, we are pleased to offer ROCS as an open-enrollment series of interactive webinars. To learn more about the ROCS program, including current pricing, please download our brochure.