Results-Oriented Coaching Skills: Open Enrollment Workshops

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All sessions are 1:00–3:30 p.m. CT.

Romar's updated Results-Oriented Coaching Skills (ROCS) program is a proven approach that gives managers a simple, effective system for helping team members reach their full potential. Our sixth update includes exciting changes based on the latest coaching research and technology capabilities.

Our cost-effective series of open-enrollment webinars includes six modules plus a final coaching scrimmage that gives participants a chance to test themselves in realistic role-playing scenarios. You can register for any of the first six modules. If you register for all six, the final Coaching Scrimmage is included at no additional charge. Registration for each module closes one week before the session takes place.

  Module Date Description
1 Coaching Mindset

Oct. 1

This introductory program will explore the ROCS coaching mantra for developing team members from a distance. This webinar will discuss the manager having the proper mindset, coaching to strengths, and ensuring development is a key focus. Register by September 24, 2021.
2 Coaching Mantra and Aligning on Expectations

Oct. 8

Expectations are crucial to achieving results, development, and even hiring. This webinar will explore the importance of managers communicating and aligning with their teams on expectations. It will also examine how to do this virtually. Register by October 1, 2021.
3 Developing Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviors and Cultivating Motivation

Oct, 15

If team members lack the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to achieve expectations, the manager needs to assume the role of a trainer. This program will also explore how to cultivate team members’ motivation to accomplish the development necessary to achieve expectations. Register by October 8, 2021.
4 Evidence-Based Feedback

Oct. 22

The way a manager gives feedback is just as important as the feedback itself. This webinar will examine how to approach, deliver, and document good evidence-based feedback that helps team members reach their full potential. Register by October 15, 2021.
5 Coaching Process

Oct. 29

The roles of the manager and the team member are equally important to creating and monitoring development plans. This webinar will explore those roles in relation to formulating and executing effective development plans the manager and team member can use both face-to-face and virtually. Register by October 22, 2021.
6 Distance Coaching

Nov. 5

The manager will learn the fundamentals of setting up and conducting a virtual coaching session. This webinar will explore tips for leveraging technology to help develop team members. Register by October 29, 2021.
7 Coaching Scrimmage Nov. 12 The managers will complete two rounds of role-plays during which they apply the concepts to a realistic case-study scenario.


Registration is $500 per participant per module. Payment is not due at the time of registration. We will contact you about payment details and pre-work for the sessions.