Virtual Trainer Certification II

Group of directors at conference table

Webinars run from 2:00–4:00 p.m. CDT

This facilitated webinar course builds on Trainer Certification I by first reviewing adult learning principles and facilitation skills and their application to curriculum design. Then we explore the application of ADDIE as an instructional design approach to creating learning solutions. The webinars place an emphasis on good instructional design techniques that include partnering with stakeholders, ROI analysis, and integrating information from Trainer Certification I to ADDIE. Participants will have an opportunity to use ADDIE to adapt a current training program or one they are creating to ensure their learning solutions are productive and measurable.


After completing the webinars, participants will be able to:

  • Incorporate adult learning principles and processes into training design and delivery
  • Design instructional programs to meet adult learners’ needs and expectations
  • Implement effective and productive measurement of the results of learning

Pre-Webinar Assignment

Before the date of the first webinar, participants will read background material and prepare a brief facilitation case study, which will be a training program they want to update or one they want to create, for use during the webinars. Following good adult learning theory, the pre-work assignment will thoroughly review all the key models and concepts so that the primary focus of the workshop is application.


Registration is $1,500 per participant (plus 4% handling fee for credit card payments). The fee includes facilitation and all course materials.

If you have seven or more trainers who would like to attend, please call us for pricing or to arrange an onsite or customized session for your team.

Three weeks before the class, you will receive an invoice with a payment link. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after the registration and payment are completed.

You will receive the pre-workshop assignment two weeks before the class.